Useful Do-It-Yourself Tips for Making Furniture From Antique Wine Barrels

Useful Do-It-Yourself Tips for Making Furniture From Antique Wine Barrels

Antique wine barrels are a rage among people because of their sophisticated and vintage appearance. Today, many want them for making their furniture but stop as they think that it will be quite hard to create those furniture. You don’t have to think like that as there are various DIY tricks for making furniture; all you need is a little bit of ingenuity, skill and patience.

Recycling of wine barrels

There has been newfound interest in waste reduction throughout the world. Hence, antique wine barrels are being recycled and converted into fine-looking treasures. It has been proved that wine barrels are excellent sources of recycled wood as all of its wooden planks as well as barrel’s top and bottommost parts can be used in creating furniture.

Some DIY projects for wine barrels

Below a list of some awesome DIY projects is given for readers so that they can use them for creating great wine barrel furniture:-

  • Tables – collect 2-3 wine barrels and get them cleaned and dried. After that, choose a color to stain as well as varnish them.
  • Bar tables- get a big hardwood or a thick rectangular glass of rectangular shape and put it over the barrels.
  • Side tables – pick a big oak barrel and turn it into 2 side tables by cleaning and drying it and cutting it into two parts.
  • Coffee tables – cut a big barrel into two parts lengthwise and convert its one half into table including a wine storage. Cut the barrel open into 4 wood pieces and put a thick glass of rectangular shape over it.
  • Chairs – cut the barrel’s body into half and don’t forget to cut its cross section as well. This will help you to create 2 chairs from a single barrel. Put an appropriate seat cover and some beautiful cushions at the top of the barrel. Lastly, stain them and get them varnished too.
  • Storage cabinets – Cut the barrel into two halves and hold them together with the help of a hinge. It’s just like the original cabinets and their doors. Clean the barrel’s inner part and cut wood into small pieces for section and shelf creation.


Other well-known DIY projects

Other wine barrel DIY projects include wine racks, chandelier, and other light fixtures, barrel bars, bar stools, barrel coolers, barrel sinks, barrel vanities, barrel planter, dog and pet beds, hammocks, etc. You can also purchase them directly from shops like The Hungarian Workshop as you can get exceptional furniture pieces from there.

Wine barrels are versatile in nature. They can be used for creating guitar stands, lounge chairs, dinner tables, doggie beds, etc. Wine barrels can be used for outdoor furniture as well. In fact, they will give your house an extremely unique look.

Things to consider while making wine barrel table or chair

  • Choose sturdy and strong wine barrel.
  • Select wine barrels that are clean and do not have cracks, holes or any deformities.
  • Clean and dry the barrels completely before using them.
  • To enhance the beauty and strength varnish your barrel inside and out.
  • Buy barrels from trustworthy dealers.

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This article has been written by Scott Forbes. There are many furniture manufacturing companies in California. The Hungarian Workshop is among the top brand offering the finest handmade furniture out of wine and whisky barrels. They use latest technology and tools to manufacture the best furniture.

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