Understanding Lower Comforter Construction

Understanding Lower Comforter Construction

Lower comforters are built by sewing lower and down from a bottom and top cover, usually made from cotton. Silk or polyester covers will also be used, though less often. Lower comforters were initially known as duvets, a French word meaning an easy open fabric bag, full of down and lower. Today a bottom and top cover, stitched (quilted) together, keeps the lower evenly disseminate in small compartments known as baffles or boxes.

There’s two primary kinds of lower comforter constructions: baffle box and box stitch (also known as stitched through). A baffle box comforter has thin strips of fabric stitched between your bottom and top cover inside a checkered pattern. The baffles are often between 6″ and 15″ in dimensions by having an equal quantity of lower in every. A box stitch comforter can also be stitched inside a checkered pattern but instead of using small strips of fabric to split up the bottom and top cover, the bottom and top cover are stitched together developing boxes. Boxes serve exactly the same purpose as baffles: they keep your lower evenly disseminate over the entire comforter.

What’s best, baffle box or box stitch construction? Box stitch is much more common and much more costly to produce, so there’s a typical misunderstanding that baffle box is the foremost construction. Also, many retailers make inaccurate claims regarding their items that increase the confusion most customers have when tying to select a lower comforter. The fact is that both kinds of construction serve an objective and both are the most useful option for some types of comforters.

Myth: Only baffle box construction “locks” lower in position.

Truth: Both baffle box and box stitch construction secure lower in separate compartments that keeps the lower distributed over the entire part of the comforter.

Myth: Box stitch construction enables cold in the future through in the points in which the bottom and top covers are stitched together, causing “cold spots.”

Truth: This is true when the comforter occured extended out across the top of the sleep, however it is not. Used, the boxes push together and comply with the form of the body, supplying the equivalent lower insulation like a baffle box construction.

Myth: Baffle box construction provides a comforter a larger look than box stitch construction.

Truth: Baffle box construction really will the opposite it can make the top comforter look flatter. A box stitch comforter provides a more sculpted and puffy look because each square is pulled together at its edges.

Box stitch is usually the best option for lighter in weight comforters utilized in the hotter climates and seasons. But box stitch can also be perfect for heavier comforters (using more filling) when you wish a sculpted or puffy look. Baffle box is often the best option for heavier comforters utilized in cooler climates and seasons. Baffles permit the lower to grow fully in heavier comforters, maximizing the insulation worth of the comforter.


Once the frigid winds of winter arrive, lots of people use lavish comforter sets to remain warm. Due to their luxurious feel and unbeatable warmth, lower comforters really are a popular favorite. However, lower comforters are manufactured from the lower of ducks or other poultry, that so many people are allergic. Fortunately, you will find Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter.

If you’re searching to buy a brand new lower comforter and wondering which kind of construction you need to get, first keep in mind that both of them are excellent and serve the main purpose of maintaining your lower from shifting or bunching in the corners. Box stitch is most likely the greater option for comforters below thirty to forty ounces of lower fill (based on dimensions), and baffle box is the smart option for heavier and warmer lower comforters above thirty to forty ounces. The primary exception is if you’re really searching for any sculpted or puffy look, as well as your primary problem is the feel of the comforter. Then obtain a box stitch comforter with more than 40 ounces of fill.

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