Three Differences between Vacuum Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners

Three Differences between Vacuum Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners

Professional house cleaners and hospitality outlets know there is a big difference between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner.  At first glance, their names might appear quite similar but, in fact, they are quite different. In fact, they may even slightly resemble each other, but a closer look will reveal just how different they really are; even if they may also be comparable in price.

Carpet cleaners are, in essence, carpet shampooing machines, which are very different from vacuum cleaners.  Sure, they both perform similar functions but they both work differently.


Vacupro magasin aspirateurs are designed to pick up debris, dirt, and dust.  Even the most powerful, best-rated vacuum cleaners are only designed for this type of cleaning. These are elements that may have sunk deep into carpet layers but are not, necessarily stuck or stained into the carpet fibers.  Carpet cleaners—shampooers–work to reach into deeper layers of carpet to extract wet and stained elements that a vacuum cleaner really can’t reach.  Carpet cleaners are also better at “spot” cleaning, useful if you spill something dark like red wine or marinara sauce onto the carpet.


Vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners also differ greatly in the way that you move them.  Vacuum cleaners, of course, move back and forth in long sweeping movements.  This helps to loosen the debris that might be embedded below the surface so that the suction of the cleaner can extract it and gather it into the canister.  Shampooers, on the hand, are designed for concentrated lathering of the carpet fibers. This means you move them much slower and more methodically to massage stains out of the deepest layers of the carpet.

Vacuum Cleaners


To put it another way, vacuum cleaners use suction and a rolling brush to bring up the debris in the carpet.  Carpet cleaners, on the other hand, use suction as well, but this suction is in combination with the lathering of the soap and heavier brushing to work out stubborn stains.  You focus the action on the stain so that the suction will, eventually, remove the stain from the carpet.

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