The Big Decision Walkin Shower Or Bath Tub

The Big Decision Walkin Shower Or Bath Tub

One of the biggest decisions when designing a bathroom is whether installing a shower or a tub. Of course, there are people with fixed opinion about this and always prefer to have a shower or a bath but, there are many of us who don’t have a specific taste for all times and it all goes by the mood. One day you are in a rush and you want a shower and another you want to relax at home and have a hot bath. Which one is the best option? Well, besides personal considerations, here you have some tips to decide by yourself.

Bath Tubs advantages over showers:

  • Baths are therapeutic and are good for healing stress and the hazards of our daily lives. There are not many things as relaxing as a hot tub on a cold day when you come from work.
  • It helps circulation and is very good and therapeutic for your joints and muscles.
  • It is more versatile. If you design it correctly you can use it for bathing, but you can also take a shower on them.
  • Tubs have that design element you can’t find on showers. Yes, there are nice showers that look really great but, a tub gives the feeling of a more expensive bathroom.
  • There are many different designs like claw foot tubs or classic tubs.
  • If tubs are great, jacuzzi tubs are even better. Jet streams are really nice to control the temperature and stress.
  • If you have a growing family, tubs are way better to bath small babies or kids.

Advantages from showers over tubs

  • Size matters, showers are smaller and take up less room. This will allow you to place them on smaller places or to get more space for more storage or even double sinks.
  • Taking showers saves water and money. They are more environmental friendly.
  • Hydrotherapy is not a problem if you are using a good shower head. You may not need that jacuzzi after all.
  • If you suffer from disability or back pains, a shower is easier to use than a tub. It is also safer when you get old and much better for seniors. Tubs are more dangerous and you will be more prone to accidents on them, especially when you grow older.
  • Showers are easier to clean and have that modern look you won’t usually find in tubs.
  • Showers are easier to maintain and retain value same as tubs and some cheap Aluminium Venetian blinds are just what you need for windows next to the shower
  • They are cheaper and are less prone to problems in the long run.

No matter what option you choose, you will have different choices for every budget. Do whatever is best for your home and remember that, after all, it is all a matter of tastes and what do your family like to do usually. Do they enjoy a warm bath or do they prefer a quick shower?

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