Stone and Gravel Driveways

Stone and Gravel Driveways

Your driveway is one of the most critical parts of your home because when somebody visits this is the first part they step in and is also one of the most visible areas of your home. It is also the entrance of your home so, you are likely to go through it many times in your life. Choosing the best material for your driveway (read How to Choose the Right Venetian Blinds) is a very important decision and there are many options and materials. Concrete and asphalt are by far the most popular choices for a driveway, but they are not the only ones. Stone and gravel are popular options in many places and, depending on the circumstances, they can be even a better one than concrete and asphalt.

First let’s talk about gravel. Gravel driveways are basically crushed stones or crushed gravel. Sure, it’s not a fancy material and it’s not as cool as others but it’s cheap. Gravel is really cheap and they do the trick very well. In many rural areas, you can find a lot of them because it’s common to have a long driveway that isn’t usually available in urban areas. Homeowners with a large and very long driveway may have not many options because any other could easily go over budget.


Gravel is cheap and installing it is cheaper. Also, you don’t need any special skill to install it since it’s just putting gravel in the way you want to make. Not only that, gravel is very easy to maintain. It’s so easy that needs no maintenance at all. You don’t have to worry about cracks, obviously and these driveways shed water naturally so, as long as you have proper yard drainage you shouldn’t worry about your gravel driveway at all.

Gravel driveways are not recommended in the northern part of the United States or in very cold areas because removing snow from gravel is very difficult and messy.

Stone driveways can mean a lot of different things. There are many kinds of stones and although it may refer to brick stones, concrete stones or other stones, when you speak about a stone driveway you usually are referring to a natural stone one. These driveways are very elegant and functional but their cost is prohibitive for many. Installation of a stone driveway is very expensive and so is the maintenance if you want to keep it in good shape. Ensure a very good drainage in your yard if you want your stone driveway to last for long.

Whatever your option is, don’t forget the edging. Edgings will make it look better and will also make it more functional. Edging can be done in a number of ways with wood, stone or metal and you can add contrasting colors. Edging can be a decorative element but its main function is to prevent gravel or stones to be removed from the driveway and end up scattered around your yard. This is what turns a bland and messy driveway into a functional and practical one.

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