Residential Heating and Air

Residential Heating and Air

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or small heating and air job done; the very first step is finding a company that is qualified as an HVAC contractor in your zip code.

Due diligence

Any business that is potentially one that you use needs for you to do due diligence on to make certain they are a company with a good name. Ask your friends who they use as recommendations are always a good idea. Or get remarks from customers that are on any company’s website. You should only work with HVAC contractors having outstanding references as well as great customer service.


Find a HVAC company

It is important to find a HVAC company that does quality work and that you want to stay with. This is because your heating and air conditioning system is quite an investment. You need your company that does residential heating and air services to come out twice a year to make certain everything is running correctly as well as working on getting you a new unit when needed. Most HVAC companies give their long-time customers the best deals.

Information you need to know

Older air units contain R-22 Freon which globally is being phased out and replace with R-410A. What does this mean? It means that the cost of R-22 Freon has gone way, way up and supplies are starting to deplete. Most of the time, the plants that make this Freon will all either closed or converting into making other chemicals. This means that R-22 won’t be accessible anymore. This is the time to look at a new AC unit.


New unit

Replacing the old unit with a newer model that contains R-410A, a refrigerant that is less expensive, is more energy efficient and will cost less to both repair and maintain.

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