How to Buy Cushions and Throws to Add Style to The Room?

How to Buy Cushions and Throws to Add Style to The Room?

Add a throw in your living room and transform the style and look of the place. Couch throws not only add colour and texture, but is also very functional.

Throw styles in living room

  • Back cushion for individual chairs
  • Drape it over the chair arm length-wise
  • Drape throws with fringed edges over the high back chair to get a cascade and soft look
  • Thick material drapes can be placed in the middle or corner of the sofa
  • Chaise lounge can have a thin material throw on the seat cushion corner

How to buy sofa cushions or throws?

There are no hard rules in buying throws and cushions. It is a way to express your own style. You can add many small cushions or clash colours and textures for punchy look. However, below are some tips to avoid disaster.


Cushions are available in different sizes. Too small cushions can look a little off and too large ones look cramped instead of cosy. Rough suggestion for cushions on large or long sofa is 40/45 cm by 40/45 cm. It will help to fill the space on the couch.


  • Square cushions give your back full support
  • Cylindrical or rectangular cushions help to prop up your neck and lower back
  • Floor cushions add style and are affordable extra seating


Add three to four tonal cushions with small clashing pillows. You can opt for one patterned pair with one solid pair. Large sofa looks great with 3 to 5 cushions but love seats and small sofa should only include a couple. Extra cushions can be scattered on your bed or piled in the store room.


Beautiful cushions can look unsightly and unattractive, if they are stuffed with low quality fillings. Fillings need to be of high quality feathers, which look lovely. If you are allergic to feather stuffing then opt for polyester or foam fillings, which is firm than feather stuffed ones.

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