Furniture that will liven up your home

Furniture that will liven up your home

There are some basic pieces of furniture that every room needs. For example, bed for the bedrooms, center table, sofa for the living room, dining table for the dining room etc. But that is hardly enough to really decorate a room. Imagine a bedroom with only a bed in it, is that your idea of the ideal bedroom? Definitely not.

Functions of furniture

Whether or not you need a certain piece of furniture will depend on its function. If you are a bachelor, living alone, then it is quite easy to decide, you only need to buy those items from Hay NL that you like and want and will need. But if you have a family with kids the function of furniture changes considerably. For example, if you are alone, you might prefer a simple wrought iron cot, but if you are married, then of necessity you will need a king or queen sized bed, preferably with storage space.

Furniture to suit different tasks

The furniture you use in the living room will be far different than what you use in the work room. The living room will be comfortable and homely with sofas and overstuffed armchairs etc. to lounge in but your workspace furniture is likely to be more functional. So, choose styles of furniture for different rooms depending on the room’s function.

Functions of furniture

Size shape and dimension

Furniture comes in many different sizes and shapes. And you have to take the size of your rooms before you start buying anything. You can opt for a seven-sitter sofa set with matching ottoman for a big living room. But if your living room is small then a loveseat is more appropriate. A big room will look bare with only a sofa and a armchair but a smaller room will probably not hold much more then that along with a center table and an ottoman or two.

Quality and price

No matter how tight your budget is, you should always choose quality over price; however, try to get all the items you want within the budget if possible. Some furniture places like Hay NL will probably have all the things you want and you will get guaranteed quality at reasonable price.

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