Awesome Closet Organizing Tips

Awesome Closet Organizing Tips

Does your closet look like a bomb exploded in it? You certainly are not alone. It’s often the case that you have more clothes than time. Debating on what to wear and trying on several outfits before rushing out the door can result in an avalanche of clothes on the closet floor or draped over the nearest chair. Help is ono the way. Follow these tips from the style experts to get the organization back in your closet.

Remove everything from your closet.  Place drop cloths on the floor and apply a fresh coat of a very light color of paint. This is a remarkable first step that completely transforms the interior of your closet. Before returning any garments to the closet, begin the sorting process. If you’re guilty of collecting items to be returned to the store for exchange or refund, place these items in a pile.  Any pieces, other than cocktail or evening wear, that haven’t been worn in at least two year should be placed in a pile for consignment or donation. If you’ve held onto items that are too small, stop being cruel to yourself. When you return to your former size, you won’t want to wear those pieces again. Either donate or consign them as well.

Separate your clothing into seasons. Place winter items in one pile, and summer items in another. If you’re fortunate enough to have two closets available, relocate the off season pieces to the other closet. Otherwise, store them in containers that can roll under the bed.When returning pieces to the closet, group like items together. Dresses, tops, trousers and skirts should be hung together. It will be much easier to find specific pieces when they’re grouped together.

Finally, when the project is complete and all items have been returned to the closet, take a video of the entire contents. The next time you take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and head to NY & Company to snatch the latest styles; you can just play your video to confirm that you have pieces in your closet that will match your new purchases. This is a great way to avoid collecting mix-matched pieces that never get worn.  Congratulations!

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