A Complete Guide on What You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Venetian Blinds

A Complete Guide on What You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the most amazing window coverings that you will ever find. It generally includes horizontal slats, which usually function with the help of string, so as to pull up entire blind continuously up and down. It is usually done to change orientation of slats. However, you need to consider few things before purchasing Venetian blinds.

Factors to consider before purchasing Venetian blinds

  • Overall room mood and style

Sälekaihtimet can work well with various room settings and styles. However, it is important that you first consider the entire mood of your room. This will help you to know how a particular blind would contribute to your room’s mood. Various room settings include office settings, child’s bedroom or an earthly and rustic living room in the country house. Such factors usually help you to know the overall room mood and style.

  • Material involved

You will find different Venetian blinds, made up of various materials. The most inexpensive and common is plastic, bur the faux wood, wood and metal blinds are most preferred. The choice of the material involved is much important consideration than the colour, as each material can create a very different feel.

Wooden blinds are generally preferred for the rustic and earthy rooms. It can be bedroom, living room or office. Usually, it works well with the decor that includes natural materials such as stone, glass and wood.


Faux Wood Venetian blinds look like Wood Venetian blinds, but these can be used in the areas that include moisture like bathrooms and kitchen. It will help you to resist the damage that is often caused by steam and water over time. Metal blinds give a look of “art-decor” to the interiors. You can use them in the room that already includes materials such as marble counter tops, metals (silver, chrome and copper) and sophisticated use of glass.

  • Colour of Venetian Blinds

Colour is also an important factor to consider while purchasing a Venetian blind. The blind should go with the colour schemes of your room, whether it is analogous, monochromatic or even complementary principles. Since the blind would be illuminated with the light coming from the outside, some blinds would ‘glow’ with lights that hit them.

  • Orientation and slat size

Venetian blinds come in various slat sizes. Thin blinds do not allow the light to enter like the large slat sizes. Large slats would allow more visibility and light when open. They often come in the adventurous design choice. These blinds are often preferred for open rooms such as kitchen, dens and living rooms.

However, you can choose a thin blind, if you are more concerned about the privacy such as office and bedroom. However, you should keep in mind that the large slat blinds would allow more airflow than the small slat blinds. You need to consider these factors before selecting Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds can be an effective interior design element.

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